Castaway 8th May 2017

It has been a long time in the planning but the day has finally arrived to cast off.  We were waved off by quite a crowd after a few bubbles and some tears from the Island Yacht Club.  Excited for the future but we will miss everyone at home but we hope to see some of you in warmer climates.

The day started off overcast and it had turned quite chilly.  Luckily for us as we have a catamaran we don’t have to sit in the cockpit we can sit inside and keep watch.  Thinking of Gill and Bob Hough on Morning star who are making some of the trip with us for the first few months who will be sitting in their cockpit.

For our first season we plan to take in France, northern Spain and Portugal ending up somewhere in southern Spain for the winter.

We left at 11.45am, a northerly wind to give us a glorious reach down the Thames Estuary followed by a run to our first port of call, Dover.  By 3 O’clock the clouds had gone and there was nothing but blue sky and sun.

Red Shivering Sands 8.5.17.

Shivering Sands Forts in the Thames Estuary


11th May 2017

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