Au revior to our Cruising Companions

6th July 2017

Two months ago in May we set sail on an overcast day from the Island Yacht Club.  Bob and Gillian on Morning star were planning on a trip which took them in the same direction.  So we set off together with no fixed plan as to where we would go or even if we wanted to go to the same places.  Well we’ve been cruising companions for 90% of the time and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way.

We finally reached that time when we had the parting of the ways.  Royan on the Gironde was to be our last port of call with Bob and Gillian.

We arrived in Royan on Tuesday afternoon (4th July) and were planning on staying for just two nights (even though it was three nights for the price of two – we had to move on).  So we thought it would be best that we had our “last supper” together that evening rather than the night before we leave, as we’d played that game a couple of times before when we were off the following day with an early start and it’s not good when you have “one more and no more” and you lose count of how many times that is said, I’m not sure who led who astray.  So we had dinner and then went back to Cuffysark for a few glasses of wine on the penultimate evening.  It was a very warm evening so we sat in the cockpit listening to music (very sophisticated this time – we were randomly choosing classical, then theme tunes – I started this as I don’t know that many classical tunes although my theme tune was classical!) It was also on this same evening that Ian, who likes to wear his glasses on his head when he doesn’t need them, managed to knock them off, which then promptly bounced on the deck and plopped into the water.  So here we go again, for those of you who have been following us, yes it’s deja vue, as we had this challenge in Thailand, when he lost the last his glasses in Myanmar.

We’ve had a lot of fun over the last two months and we are going to really miss our cruising companions.  They even got up and saw us off at 5am on Thursday 6th July (their mooring was a few minutes’ walk from us – we were on the reception pontoon again as they couldn’t fit us anywhere else – great advantage for the Wi-Fi as it’s normally better by the Capitainiere’s office), just to be sure we went!

We have sailed nearly 900 miles together and been to so many places, it’s hard to remember them all but this is a little reminder.  It has been a great start to our new way life.  Thanks guys!


10th July 2017

5 thoughts on “Au revior to our Cruising Companions

  1. Ed

    Lorraine, I am really enjoying your blog but with a lot of envy, I love sailing and what you are doing is awesome, I retire this year and having been banned from a leg of the clipper race by Mrs Mayo we have compromised on a sun sail flotilla holiday. Hope you carry on having such fun.

    Ed x


    1. cuffy40 Post author

      Hi Ed Glad you are enjoying it. Ian is sailing mad so it was a case of having to join in. Wasn’t so great on the trip to Bayonne yesterday though! Guess have to take the rough with the smooth, just prefer more if the smooth. I’m sure you will enjoy retirement I’m loving it. X


  2. Gillian

    Aah thanks Lorraine. We enjoyed it at least as much as you did. Bob now says we’ve got to get a TV /laptop screen with wifi so we can stream music. Then we can do “one more then no more” on our own. But it wont be the same without you 2! It was such fun having great company all that time. Hope you enjoy the rest of your cruise. Btw looks like Ian was right about prevailing northerlies in Biscay. Not good for our return.


  3. Gary

    Thanks Lorraine for keeping us to date and allowing us to read with envy. Looks like Stangate Creek this weekend just to make you jealous.
    Keep the adventure coming and the ais switched on.
    Safe sail back to Bob and Gillian look forward to seeing you both soon.

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