Busy, Busy, Busy in Licata

Having now arrived in Licata we found there was plenty to keep us occupied.  Yoga, Pilates, circuit training, darts, bridge, happy hour and the weekly BBQ, there were also Italian lessons but had to stop these as there just wasn’t enough hours in the day as we did have chores to do as well, it’s not all fun you know.  In addition to this we had a few social evenings which included line dancing, country dancing and quizzes.  That’s without the odd night out for pizza and dinner on our boat or other boats. 

Licata had a great community and to have that you need people to organise things and we were lucky that there were plenty of people willing to do that here.  Sarah put us through our paces at Pilates and Circuit Training.  We even got ourselves on the official film for the Marina whilst doing circuit training and Ian working on the boat! 

Colin and Maggie provided the darts board and the marina very kindly set it up on the wall for us with a large piece of ply surrounding it for those stray darts and there could be plenty of those at times. 

There is a purpose built BBQ area in the marina and we also played a game, which for the life of me I can’t remember the name of, which was 12 blocks of wood numbered one to 12 and you had to throw a block at them.  If you nominated a particular numbered block and you hit that that was the points you scored, if you didn’t nominate you scored the number of blocks that fell down.  As each person took a turn the blocks spread further apart.  The first person to reach a score of 50, and it had to be 50, not 48 or 51, was the winner.  If you hit no blocks three times in a row you were out.  Plus we had some musicians with us and we had the pleasure of some songs, much to the bemusement of the locals who strolled past on their Sunday afternoon walk.

We had a couple of evenings organised by Caroline and Howard, Line Dancing and Colin et al, providing country dancing and the music.  This is a great way to see how co-ordinated people are. 

We arranged a couple of quiz nights too.

Evenings out – regular pizza night and a meal at a restaurant where there is no menu! Not quite sure why Ian and Vicki were pinned up against the wall.

We had a trip to Sulphur mines.  Syd organised a coach, a tour and a meal in a local restaurant.  There was about 30 of us that went along.  90% of all the sulphur in the world came from Sicily.  Children as young as six worked in the mines.  It was very hot and could get above 45 degrees add that to the 100% humidity and working up to twelve hours at a time, conditions were awful. Sulphur gives off suffocating hydrogen sulphide gas which makes it hard to breathe, so the workers tended to be naked.

We also had a 50th birthday celebration, Caroline, where we had more line and country dancing.  The band consisting of Colin, Tony and Phillip. 

June 2019

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