Asia – here we come!

So, I’ve been told (by he who thinks he is in charge) we should be free spirits and only book a hotel for the first few days.  Well to get entry into Myanmar (aka Burma) you have to have a  flight out of the country so this means we need to decide what we want to do while we are there.  SO, we have our itinerary sorted and booked for the first 16 days.

18th Jan – Arrive Bangkok

22nd Jan – Fly to the capital city Yangon, Burma

25th Jan – Train to Mandalay (I’ve got my cushion as it’s 15 hours!)

28th Jan – Ferry on the Irawaddy River to Bagan to see more temples

30th Jan – Back to Magndalay on the locals train (hm not sure about this, but could be interesting or something like that)

31st Jan – Fly to Chiang Mai, Thailand




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