Ronda – January 2018

Car hire here  in winter months, if you collect and drop back to the airports, is very cheap so we thought we would take advantage of this and hired a car for a month (€70) and take the opportunity to explore some of the Spanish countryside.  Our first trip was Ronda which was a five hour drive from Cartagena.  The views going up were stunning.  It was a clear day and you could see Gibralter (see the ships waiting outside Gib in the photo below) from the roadside going up.

Ronda is set up in the mountains, 739m above sea level, and is situated above a deep gorge (El Tajo).  It was a lovely sunny day and quite warm, which we didn’t expect for mid January.

The Puente Nuevo (“New Bridge”)

The Puente Nuevo (“New Bridge”) is the newest and largest of three bridges that span the 120-metre (390ft) deep gorge that carries the Guadalevin River and divides the city of Ronda.  Construction of the bridge began in 1759 and took 34 years to build.

Plaza de Torres (The Bullring)

Ronda is well known for its bullring and although not the oldest it is the oldest bullring built entirely of stone and has a diameter of 66 metres (217ft).  It is unique as all the seating is under cover. The stands were constructed in two levels of seating with five raised rows per level and 136 Tuscan sandstone columns forming 68 arches providing support for the top level of seating and the roof of the Plaza de Toros.

A small number of bullfights are still held here, the Goyesca Bullfight is the highlight of the Pedro Romero Fair which takes place in early September.  Pedro Romero was a legendary bullfighter from the Romero family in Ronda, He was known as the first matador to present the bullfight as an art form as well as a display of courage.

And it wouldn’t be a visit without a trip to a church.  This is the Iglesia De María Auxiliadora De Ronda

We spent a couple of days here and then drove to Cordoba which was a couple of hours away.


January 2018

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