Knidos to Fethiye – October 2020

We waved goodbye to Jessica at Oren and made our way to Mersincik where we were meeting Colin and Maggie on Serafina.  The wind was blowing hard and of course on the nose hence the reason we dropped Jessica at Oren and not back at Bodrum.  So, it wasn’t the most pleasant of sails. 

We dropped anchor and boy was the wind gusting hard.  It’s bad enough during the day but when it’s gusting at night it’s unsettling but we survived.  The water was very clear here and you could see the anchor.

We set off for the ancient city of Knidos which is on the other side of the Datca peninsular.  There is a small harbour here with a jetty to moor on.  We arrived quite early so secured a space on the jetty, by mid afternoon it was packed and there were also lots of boats anchored off too.  We took a walk around the ruins at Knidos.  The views on the other side of the peninsular were spectacular. 

We had some short hops next the first one was Datca which is quite a characteristic tourist spot.  We anchored here and found a lovely restaurant which served a variety of cuisine that wasn’t Turkish, which was really nice for a change.  Then off to Ciftlik which was quite open but had a number of jetties with restaurants.  As we approached people came running down to the end of the jetties with very large flags frantically waving them about to attract you to their jetty.  We anchored again. 

We were on our way back to the marina at Marmaris, it seemed a long time ago since we left on 31st May.  We spent a week here while Ian looked around the “Toy shops” AKA boat shops!!!  We hopped from here to Adakoy, a bay just around the corner from Marmaris and then off to Ekincik before arriving back in Fethiye.

We didn’t get back to Fethiye until 4 o’clock and it was a Saturday. In normal circumstances this would be fine but Ian had developed a toothache.  So, after getting some advice from my cousin Sue, who lives locally, we contacted a dentist on the water front.  Within 20 minutes of anchoring up Ian was in the dentist’s chair.  He had to have an x-ray, which reminded him of Joe 90, I’m sure none of you reading this are not too old to know what he was referring too. An infection, so antibiotics and pain killers plus the emergency visit all for £15. Great service. 

Set in the hillside are Lycian Rock Tombs which are carved into the hillside.  We took the steep walk up to have a look, the views were spectacular.  On the way down we passed a tortoise, not normally something you come across. 

We saw turtles here in the bay as well as the Migros floating Supermarket.  The Migros boat goes across to the bays around Gocek, we didn’t visit the Migros boat but understand once inside it’s like being in a supermarket. 

We also visited the Fethiye fish market, which is quite an experience.  Set in the middle of the market is a round stall.  Different fishmongers sell their fish from here.  You pick a restaurant and then go and choose your fish, haggle on the price, as Ian does with everything in Turkey particularly with the price of a beer, buy it and then the restaurant will cook it for a small charge. 

October 2020

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