The Final Countdown……. of 2020

After spending a week anchored at Fethiye we left to go to the islands at Gocek which even though it was later in the year, were still busy.  I think because of the delayed start due to the pandemic people were extending the season.  The weather is still very good in October.  We found a small bay, Martili Bay, as far south of Gocek as we could get and tied up to the rocks.  The water was crystal clear here.  There was nothing here except a few goats grazing on the shore.

We spent a few days here and then ventured off to Gocek itself.  The anchorage here was really busy and this was late October, so who knows what it’s like in the height of the season and in normal times, if we will ever know what normal will be again.  Being a catamaran we can get very close to the shore, out of the way of most other boats.  We had dinner out and was asked if we would like some bread to go with our meal, couldn’t believe how big it was and it was delicious.

We only stayed the one night in Gocek before we headed back to Fethiye for a couple of days.  We were cruising in company with Colin and Maggie on Serafina.  We paid another visit to the Fishmarket with Colin and Maggie.  The cats waited very patiently for any offerings.  There is a regular turtle in the harbour at Fethiye.  Clearly knows where the food is. 

The season was nearing the end so we headed to Kalkan Bay, where we had a few issues getting the anchor to set but eventually we got there.  As our season hadn’t started until Mid May we were reluctant to head back to our winter berth quite yet so we sailed past Kas and headed to Finike, which was to be our winter berth for 2021.  This was the hairiest sail of the year, Ian was in his element but absolutely not me.  Now normally Ian would say I’m exaggerating and it wasn’t that bad and I wouldn’t have anything to show how hairy it was but as it happened we passed another boat that looked like it was standing still and the owner was a keen photographer.  So there’s no denying from Ian that I was exaggerating just look at the photos below!!!!!  This was just prior to me screaming at him to put some sail away. 

We eventually, much to my relief, arrived in Finike Marina.  We didn’t get to see much of the town as I’d managed to trap a nerve in my hip which meant I couldn’t walk very far.  But we would be back next year so there was plenty of time for that. 

Our final stop before making the final trip to Kas was to Kekova which is a lovely sheltered anchorage.  There is a castle here at Kalekoy which we walked up to.  I was still a bit of a hop along with my trapped nerve but I pushed on!  The views from the top were worth it

There are lots of tombs scattered around the countryside and one in the sea. 

The castle was built in the Middle Ages to fight the pirates who were in Kekova.  There are a number of restaurants along the water front which are reached through narrow cobbled streets and so after all that walking and still with my dodgy hip we stopped for lunch and obviously some refreshment. 

Our final trip was motoring, as there was no wind, back to Kas. The Greek Island of Kastellorizo is just a couple of Kilometers from Kas.  Greece to the left and Turkey to the right. 

We arrived back in time to join in the celebrations for Karen from Copycat’s special birthday. Our friend Gary had a special birthday this month too so although thousands of miles away we were able to join him and Shelley, albeit it virtually, in the celebrations.  

So another sailing season over, our fourth now.  It’s been a strange year, but then it’s been a strange time for everyone.  We were lucky to still to get out there and explore some of Turkey. 

October/November 2020

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